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“In The Beginning”, the most symbolically and spiritually heavy episode ofDoctor Who traces the origins of Lilith’s rise and Russell’s return to the spotlight (just the way we like it). Sookie comes to more revelations about being a Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Fae and countless other Bon Temps residents make discoveries of their own.


Let’s get rid of the more boring of the core plots first: Sookie’s Fae powers. Picking up from last week, Sookie’ was “microwaved fingered” into coma-like state where Claude and another Fae test Sookie’s “luminescence”. Having been watching over her family for Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4

 others, that her kind have forced procreation by rape and has had a number of supernatural entities endanger her life. Sookie creates a good light show. centuries, they told Sookie that due to her half-Fae heritage, her magic is finite. That when her powers are depleted she’ll become normal, what’s unknown (and surely plot twist-y) is whether she will die. With Jason taking care of her Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4, bringing her breakfast at lunch (in bed!), Jason doesn’t want sookie to take on the responsibility of causing their parents death (that’s to her bloody-band-aid in the backseat of her parents car on that rainy night). Jason then visits Jessica, revealing to her about his parents, they kiss and Jason tastes something different on Jessica’s lips. As subtle as can be onDoctor Who, Jason tastes “someone else” and gets really bad forcing Jessica to bite him and for him to then shoot her in the head. Healing quickly, Jessica tosses Jason out of the mansion and see’s lights in the sky. These lights are indeed Sookie depleting herself of her fae powers, coming to the realization that she’s been plagued with the thoughts of 


A vamp-stripping Tara gets a visit from her mother dressed in her Sunday’s best. Now being a minister’s wife, she disowns Tara, “from this day forward, you are dead to me.” TaraTara that she won’t remember her human mother Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 100 years from now because she has a new mother, a vampire mother in Pam. purposefully threatens her so she will leave, pains at the thought of that loss. Having overheard the exchange, Pam reassures


Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Lafayette head’s back to Don Bartolo house where he discovers Jesus’s head. Getting captured and his mouth stitched closed and wanting to take back the spirit left in him, deeming it rightfully his. Before he can continue the ritual liberating his son from his baby-mama (whose child is filled with magic and power), kills him by stabbing repeatedly and cuts Lafayette’s stitched mouth open. 

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Salome invites them to a “ceremony of sorts”, where Russell repents his words against Lilith and Nora (painfully) explains that Lilith’s blood is actually in that chalice, contrary to Roman’s belief it was simply symbolic, Salome wants them to drink from the blood of Lilith in making her rise. Dieter Braun declares all this blasphemous and gets his head ripped off by Russell. (Bless him and his macabre way of kicking a piece of him into the pool, totally bat-shit crazy and fun to watch.) Unfortunately for Eric’s misplaced assumption that the blood of a vampire has no effects, they’re all super-elatedly high on Lilith’s blood prancing down Bourbon Street arriving at a party with innoncently karaoke-ing humans. “You light up my life,” chimes in Russell before the arrival of the Vampire Authority to feast on the party. While they feed, they see a drop of blood hit the ground and in reverse Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 events straight out of Carrie, Lilith rises from a bath of blood and she’s stark naked. Eric hallucinates Godric, who advises him to save his sister Nora, because Eric knows that what they’re doing is wrong. Coming out of the hypnosis, Eric no longer see’s Lilith while everyone else continues as usual. The question remains: is Lilith actually real or just the effects of their convictions in taking her blood?

Andy has his Sheriff duties questioned post-gun shop kill thanks to Sam’s super-smelling senses, who continues to sniff around finding the Obama masks. Questioning whether he’s fit for the job, Andy visits retired Sheriff Dearborne who’s uninterested since he’s Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 entertaining a bath with a lady friend while the wife is out.

With Sam worried about Luna in the hospital, he shares an exchange with Sookie who wonders if he could exchange who he is if he had the chance (looking for an answer to her problems). Sam worries that hate will consume him and as he’s later about to leave, he finds one of the hunters in a nurse’s uniform at the hospital. Guess we should expect the others soon?

Which brings us to Hoyt. Saved by the hunters, turning out to be old school friends, Hoyt joins them feeling more acceptance in this “hate group” that anywhere else. They justify their rhetoric thanks to the media’s purposeful PR campaign that it’s cooler to be a vampire than a human. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4  They find out that Junior is dead, the guy from the gun shop, and so Hoyt tags along.

Arlene’s sobbing over her wedding video, with everyone’s life/relationship/prospects have changed including hers, having come a long way by letting a vampire (Jessica) at her wedding. Explaining the whole issue with Terry and the smoke monster to Holly, she’s “not necessarily” worried. She’ knows something more. Meanwhile Terry and Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Patrick are waiting for the Ifrit (the smoke monster) to arrive and when it does, it taunts them by laughing in their face. Terry not wanting to be fucked with, nearly pulls the gun on himself before Patrick can convince him otherwise with the innocence of his love for Arlene’s kids.

Alcide has a new wolf girl he’s training/trying to sleep with, won’t take V to level the playing, but not before Martha could interrupt them. Letting her in on the fact that JD, as with Marcus, is on V. Proving her wrong, Martha walks in on JD trying to rally up his pack to side with the Vampires by drinking their blood as a sign of trust and nearly getting Emma to do the same. JD has vamp friend who let him in that the end of days is Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 coming. A war between vampires and humans is imminent.Did you hear that? That was the sound of the largest eye roll in the history of eye rolls. And it was directed at the latest episode of “Doctor Who,” more specifically that ending, but let’s start with the beginning.

Following last week’s cliffhanger, Russell Edgington is caught by security courtesy of a silver net. I’m assuming he is then imprisoned within the Authority headquarters, but when Bill and Eric are summoned by Salome, we are then presented with a free Nora and a free Russell. They go on about Lilith and their plan and how Salome was the one who Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 dug up Russell in the first place. Turns out that she followed them when they originally buried him, and she needed Russell to take down the Guardian. And that he did.

Later, the remaining members of the Authority, along with Steve Newlin and burnt face guy, gather ’round the vial of Lilith’s blood, and Salome proclaims that they will all take part in drinking it. Dieter Braun labels this act as blasphemous. Russell, in turn, decapitates him with a single swipe of the hand (“May Lilith forgive me,” he says Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 smugly). I love Russell’s merciless killings. Is that weird? Anyway, they all partake in the blood drinking and it gives them this euphoric high that would be like if a human was on V. I liked the looseness of the characters at this point, but then they had to go and suck a whole birthday (?) party dry. And then, out of left field entirely, a naked Lilith takes form on stage and breathes this red mist into Nora’s face. I would have thought the emergence of Lilith would be something great, but it really just put a puzzled look on my face

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